Cox Banjos - Custom Made

Wooden Parts List


mahogany resonator curly maple resonator cburl walnut resonator

All with tapered walls, cut for binding. All have solid maple sides with top lip cut. Unfinished. We will cut to your binding. We can cut purfling rings of any size - add $6.

Plain Maple$135.00
Curly Maple$155.00
Plain Walnut$145.00
Burl Walnut$165.00
Bird's Eye Maple$157.00
Quilted Maple (NEW)$180.00

Any custom resonators made from your wood - add $20.


Northern Rock Maple Rims

Made from 3 plies of slow-growing Northern Rock Maple - the best.

For 1-piece flange$170.00
For 2-piece flange$205.00
Walnut Rims$280.00
Mahogany Rims$315.00

Fittted to your metal parts - $45 each. I have been making wooden rims for over 40 years. These are simply the best you can buy at any price. 12-inch rims are also available.


Metal Parts List

Tone Rings

Kentucky-5 flat head n/p$265.00



Coordinator Rods (sets)

Reg. double rod set brass n/p$32.00
Single rod brass n/p$19.00
Pre-war 1932 brass w/long nut n/p$37.00
Nuts (each)$1.70
Washers (each)$0.90



Cox Tailpiece

cox tailpiece

A 2-piece silicon bronze casting with a radius tab, allowing for 100% contact with the hoop (full contact=better sound). Notched string holders and a string tension screw for adjusting string tension to bridge.




Flanges & Tension Hoops

2 piece flange tube & plate n/p$185.00
Tube only - nickel plated$90.00
Plate only - nickel plated$105.00
Notched brass tension hoop$48.00
1 piece flange n/p$185.00



Misc. Metal Parts

Brass hooks$1.60
Steel hooks - nickel plated$0.65
1/4" hex nut - nickel plated$0.75
Arm rest - nickel plated (also available unplated)$27.00
Resonator thumb screw - nickel plated$3.00
Resonator wall lug$2.95
L-brackets (long) - nickel plated$2.75
L-brackets (short) - nickel plated$2.75
Tailpiece bracket - nickel plated$3.00



Misc. Wood Parts Overstock

Veneer for 1 resonator (back & side) -in lots of 10 only$5.00 each