Cox Banjos - Custom Made

A Word About Cox Banjo Parts

stack of Cox walnut banjo resonators

Walnut resonators ready for finishing

The Wood
The wood used in the banjos is carefully hand-selected for the best tonal properties and appearance. Hard rock maple from slow-growing Northern timber is used for the 3-ply rims. The maple is sawed and dried on the premises until it is ready for Adam and Jeremy Cox to steam and bend it into shape. The necks and resonators are made from maple, walnut, or mahogany, depending on the banjo model and customer preference. The fretboards are cut from ebony or rosewood.

The Metal Hardware
A variety of different metals are used for the banjo hardware. Tension hoops, thumbscrews, hooks, brackets, etc. are machined from metal stock and polished in preparation for plating. These parts are sent to Massachusetts to receive a coating of nickel or gold. When they return to the shop, the parts are ready to go on a banjo.

The Finish Coat
After they are machined, the necks and resonators are ready to be stained (on most models). All wooden parts receive several coats of a glossy lacquer finish. The rims, necks, and resonators are shipped to Frank Neat in Russell Springs, Kentucky, where he applies the finish and installs the frets. Frank also pre-shapes the Cox banjo neck blanks. "In my opinion, Frank's the best neck man in the world," states Jimmy Cox.

Who Uses Cox Banjo Parts?

Raymond Fairchild, Ralph Stanley and Jimmy Cox.

Raymond Fairchild, Ralph Stanley, and Jimmy Cox at The Pines

Cox banjos also supplies wooden and metal parts to a number of other premiere banjo manufacturers in the United States and abroad. Ralph Stanley's "Stanleytone" banjo is produced by Frank Neat with Cox components, as is Sonny Osborne's "Chief" banjo.

Clareen banjos in Ireland imports many Cox parts for their line of traditional banjos. All of these musicians and craftsmen have grown to count on the uncompromising quality of Cox banjo parts.

Please contact Cox Banjos directly if you would like to place a parts order.