Cox Banjo - Custom Made

100% American Made

Why Buy A Cox Banjo?

How Do You Choose?
In the banjo market today, there are many manufacturers and models to choose from. Increasing numbers of banjos are assembled from parts produced in China, Europe, and other countries where labor and materials are cheaper than in America. It can be a challenge to make an informed choice, especially without hearing the instrument.

It's All Made Right Here
That's what makes the Cox banjo unique in the banjo world. All of the parts that go into a Cox are made at the 5-String Music Studio in Topsham, Maine, under the careful supervision of master craftsman Jimmy Cox. From the distinctive tone rings to the 3-ply rock maple rims to the flawless pearl inlay work and engraving, each component of the banjo is made to Jimmy's exacting specifications. (OK, he doesn't make the tuning keys, but he does machine all of the metal and wooden parts, including the thumbscrews!) Today, his wooden and metal components are known industry-wide for their high quality and superior performance.

42 Years of Banjo Building Experience
Jimmy Cox has been building banjos for over 40 years, and playing them for longer than most of us have been alive. As a young boy in rural Kentucky, Jimmy learned to play the banjo from his father and developed a lifelong passion for bluegrass music. As he grew older and began repairing instruments, Jimmy realized he could create a better sounding banjo than what was available at the time.

The Kentucky-5 is Born
Jimmy first started making banjos in 1965 when he couldn't find an instrument that had the clarity, sparkle, and dynamic range he thought a banjo could have. As a machinist trained in the U.S. Air Force, Jimmy knew how exactly how to choose and work different metals to achieve the effect he was looking for. After many years of experimentation, the first Cox banjo was born: the Kentucky-5.

By Musicians, For Musicians
The Kentucky-5, like all models in the Cox banjo line, is truly a musician's instrument: built by a musician to be played by a musician. When the serious bluegrass picker is choosing an instrument, the bottom line is always: How does it sound? Hundreds of satisfied customers have discovered that the playability and tone of a Cox banjo is second to none.

A Banjo that Rings
Top quality components are the foundation of a great banjo, but a great sounding banjo is more than the sum of its parts. When you order a Cox banjo, you can be certain that you will receive an instrument designed, built, and fine-tuned under one roof for you, the customer. The final set-up of the instrument makes all the difference between a banjo that rings clear across the field, and one that doesn't. Don't you want a ringer to showcase your picking?